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→ Real People Who Transformed Themselves To Look Like Dolls











Is it beautiful? Is it creepy? Either way, they’re… interesting!

I know I have no right to judge anyone whatever they decide to do with their body but I must admit that they look fucking creepy especially those waists oh my fucking god

she looks like a fucking anime character holy shit

Love it

I’m just wondering how the fuck they get their eyes like that?!

It’s so ridiculous I love it

thats the point, she wants to look like an anime character

This isn’t normal. No. It. Is. Not. It’s so creepy, I mean they can do what they want, but it’s a bit ridiculous to wanna look like a Barbie doll.

I think they’re gorgeous

this scares me all the time…..

Anastasiya shpagina.. Should look at Valeria Lukyanova.. She’s more like a living Barbie doll

When done right,I find them gorgeous. I’d totally get surgery to look like a porcelain doll and I want a really small waist too. I think anatsasiya’s makeup doesn’t really it for me though…

Omg is that really possible?

How about they can do whatever they want if it doesn’t bother you.

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